Taking care of Arizona pools is a constant challenge. From the cold winter months, to the spring and fall when temperature can change drastically between night and daytime, and those incredibly hot summer months, pool chemistry can be tricky. Let our professionals sort you out. Here's the most common questions we receive from our customers...

Why is my pool green?

Algae! If your pool is growing green, that's most likely a sign your pool is running low on chlorine. Our test covers up to five different levels, from pH to chlorine, to acidity and alkalinity. Knowing how to read the test and apply corrective chemical treatments is critical to proper pool care.

How often should I clean my pool?

It depends on many factors, such as how windy and dusty it has been recently, and how many trees and plants are nearby to your yard. We recommend skimming your pool of surface debris every day, but if you  Cleaning your pool with brushes and testing the chemical balance is done by our technicians every visit, typically once a week.

How do I fix chlorine or alkalinity issues?

Knowing how to use a proper test kit is vital to pool care. Without it, you're just guessing, and it's very easy to over-correct or under-correct the problem. You can easily put your pool water in a state where the only solution is to drain it completely. Arizona water is very hard, so that also proposes specific challenges with pool water chemistry. Call us for a consultation.

How often do I need to drain my pool?

Water is very hard in Arizona, some city are more than others, changing the water in your pool every 2-5 years is ideal, some pools will require having to change the water sooner then other, especially if your water hardness is above a certain level.

How can I check my pool filter?

Checking your pressure gauge will indicate if you have a good working filter, high pressure is not good, this means that your pool equipment is over working and your filter may need to be cleaned.


What are the most common problems with Arizona pools?

The most common problems found in Arizona swimming pools are, the balancing of chemicals in your pool, without proper chemical your swimming pool will turn green, the second most common problem that we come across is the harness of the water which can lead to problem with the life of your pool interior.