Our family pool services in the East Valley breaks down to these 3 simple steps...


WayCool Pools tests your pool for optimal water quality with each and every visit. Our trained technicians strive to keep your pool in perfect balance year-round. Regular treatment ensures a safe, healthy and beautiful pool


You'll be amazed how clean your pool can be. We use special brushes and vaccuum attachments to get rid of all fine grit, dirt, dust, leaves, bugs and other particles from the surface, bottom and sides of your pool.


An improper balance of pool chemicals can lead to cloudy water, green algae build up, and other undesirable situations. Under our expert care, your pool will be crystal clear and gorgeous, as it should be.


Monthly Service with a Smile

We've found that the best way to ensure your Arizona pool is ready to be enjoyed anytime you are, is to keep up with regular maintenance and service. That's why we always recommend our weekly maintenance plan. From the cold winter months, to the hot summer, through monsoon season and beyond, the quality and needs of your pool changes, and having a regular visit ensures it stays in balance year round.

Family Oriented Approach

Our family business is taking care of swimming pools in Arizona. We've seen it all, and we know how to take care of any issues that come up. Whether you're a first-time pool owner, recently moved, or just looking at getting a pool service guy in Phoenix to come and take care of you, why not join our family? We treat every pool like our own, and every customer like a big extended family.

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Fast, Friendly & Affordable

What are you waiting for? Got a question? Give WayCool Pools a call! We will work hard to earn your business and trust, and promise you won't be disappointed. Call us today and save a bundle on monthly pool service in Mesa, regular pool care in Chandler, or wherever you are in the East Valley. Our AZ pool technician is one phone call away if you're having any kind of pool issues. Don't delay - call today!