5 Steps to Pool Restoration Every AZ Pool Owner Should Know

Neglect is a really terrible way to treat important things in your life, whether it be your children, your pets, or your Arizona pool. Maybe you’ve just bought a new home and the pool was neglected by the prior owner, or maybe you just haven’t had time lately to service your pool properly.

WayCool Pools to the rescue! Our business is growing fast! Over the last few weeks, we’ve been fortunate to have been called by several AZ pool owners who had come to the end of their ropes with their neglected pools, and we were happy to step in and help out, with a pool deep cleaning and restoration package.

Step 1. AZ Pool Restoration Initial Assessment

The first step is to bring in a qualified Arizona pool service technician from WayCool Pools. Mike and his family have been in the pool service industry for over 15 years, and has been healing damaged and dirty pools in Arizona with WayCool pools for about the last 3 years. WayCool Pools will come to your home and provide an honest, reasonable explanation of what conditions and issues are facing your pool and how to solve them to restore your pool to its original beauty.

If you don’t start with an initial assessment about the conditions facing your pool, you could spend a lot of time and money solving the wrong problem, and even damage your pool! Don’t let that happen. Give us a call today!

Photo of starting on an AZ pool deep clean
It’s a messy job, but we’re happy to do it for you.

Step 2. AZ Pool Cleaning & Preparation

Before the pool surface can be restored, we have to start by removing all the gunk, grime, dirt, dust, leaves, debris, algae, twigs, bugs, snakes (Yes! Snakes!), and anything else that shouldn’t be in your pool water. We start by a deep initial clean to remove all the superficial junk so the deep cleaning process can begin. Leaving your pool in this state for an extended period of time can permanently alter the surface quality and could be expensive to repair or replace. If your pool looks like this, be sure to give us a call right away to prevent further damage.

If you don’t get rid of the algae, muck and grime in your neglected pool, it could cause serious damage if left untouched. Let us help you get it back in shape!

Step 3. AZ Pool Chlorine Bath

Photo of preparing AZ pool for acid wash
AZ Mini Pebble Tec pool after cleaning before acid washing

Depending on how long your pool has been in a less-than-optimal state, any one of a number of different treatments may be recommended to restore your pool to it’s original clean, clear and sanitized beauty.

Most people aren’t aware of the differences between a chlorine bath and an acid wash. What’s right for your pool situation?

A chlorine bath can be used to sanitize and remove microscopic algae that may remain after cleaning the pool surface. No damage is done to the pool surface, and some stains may remain.

An acid wash is a bit stronger treatment that removes a thin layer of pool surface that can remove stains from the surface.

If you don’t use a careful mix of deep cleaning, chlorine bath and acid washing, you could damage your pool surface. WayCool Pools can ensure you pick the best service for your type of pool.

Step 4. AZ Pool Acid Washing

Did you know that acid washing your pool is a delicate process that takes the right level of know-how to ensure your pool surface is not damaged? The most important thing you should know is that your pool might not even need to be acid washed! In some cases, a chlorine bath is enough. In other cases, only a light acid wash is needed.

Making the wrong choice here could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. The experts at WayCool Pools are here to handle the process for you.

Step 5. Enjoy your AZ Pool Again

After photo of AZ mini pebble tec pool restoration
Another AZ Pool – Clear, Clean and Sanitized

Ahh, now that’s what I call a clean, clear, sanitized and inviting AZ pool!

With the peace of mind you get from working with an expert from WayCool Pools, you can spend less time worrying about your pool and more time enjoying it!

Even if your pool looks clean, clear and sanitized, it may not be. When was the last time you tested the water quality? Do you know what appropriate levels should be for your freshwater pool or saltwater pool?

Don’t fret and don’t regret. Call WayCool pools today for regular, honest, affordable pool service at (480) 417-0720! Tell ’em Geoff sent you!

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